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Key Points

First online competition goes LIVE!

On Friday 8th April 2016 the first online prize competition went live with entries starting to role in. New competitions are imminent and will be unveiled shortly.

Google Search and AddThis

It is so important to get the structure right so our competition contestants want to keep coming back for more, so we have teamed up with Google search and AddThis the social sharing platform. We're hopeful that interacting with our fellow visitors and combining search and social sharing, will stimulate the taste buds for even more compo's and lots more bigger prizes.

Making this website better and safer

To make this website safe and even better for our budding prize grabbing gurus we have an in house performance and improvement policy so we continue to strive to be the best.

A bit about our company...

WINERZ LTD was formed in June 2015 to promote prize competitions to public.

During 2015 we were limited to trading initially face to face and with promotional literature. We worked and continuously work closely within licensing laws to prevent stepping over any boundaries. It has been a steep learning curve for all of us and the building of the company considered simply as an adventure.

Today we start the ecommerce journey with our website http://winerz.uk and offer free competitions to the public. Registration is necessary as competition entry is limited to a minimum age of 16 years old and some countries prohibit this as it is seen as a form of gambling. You not only have to be registered you have to answer the question on every competition page correctly. Strict critea is used and failure to get the question right results in zero oppurtunity of winning. Getting the question wrong isn't really an option and the possibilty of searching for the answer is supplied on each page.

Share the love...

We all know how hard it can be to come up with the brilliant idea and make it in the big wide world; well we think we have done it! We would love for you to share the love, and post our website competitions on all your favourite websites and social media sites so others get the chance to find us too and win some fabulous prizes free,

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